Nature Technologies provides the following services under one roof:

  • Product visualization and marketability.
  • Software architecture and designing.
  • Concept feasibility analysis study.
  • Lifecycle Product Management.
  • Software Development.
  • Quality assurance and software testing.
  • Maintenance of software products.

Nature Web: Case Studies

Unlike other mobile platforms which allow you to package the applications directly on the device, Apple makes it mandatory to submit your Apple application to iTunes store for review and publishing.

Tags: iPhone Development | iPad Development | Xcode | iTunes store

Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd has gathered major experience in Xcode based Apple iPhone and iPad development and while doing it the UI design for apple devices were a major challenge. This document will act as a step by step guide to design User Interface for Apple iOS.

Tags: iPhone Development | iPad Development | Xcode | iTunes store | Apple iOS

Comprehensive and easy to understand guide to getting your Android Application ready for distribution and publishing your Android Applications to Android Store and other web stores.

Tags: SQLite Database | video/still cameras | GPS | accelerometers | gyroscopes | magnetometers | proximity | pressure sensors

Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd has gathered major experience in Android based development for Mobile Phones and Tablets. User Interface design for Android Devices were a major challenge. This document will act as a step by step guide to design User Interface for Android Platform.

Tags: Context Menu | Dialog | Grid View | Expandable List View | Spinner | Date/Time Picker | Sliding Bar | Progress Bar

From “Passion” to “Engineering”; From “Ideas” to “Strategy”;
From “Thrills” to “Marketing” is what a true Game Development Project morphs in its entire life cycle.
Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd aims at providing a Software Engineering approach to Game Designing and Development projects.

Tags: Game Development | 3D programming | DirectX | OpenGL

Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd is a world leader in implementation of SaaS solutions and helps customers migrate to SaaS framework.
This presentation helps our customers decide on their migration path to SaaS.
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a Business Model of software deployment where an application is hosted as a service provided to customers across the Internet.
By eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computer, SaaS alleviates the customer's burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.
Conversely, customers relinquish control over software versions or changing requirements; moreover, costs to use the service become a continuous expense, rather than a single expense at time of purchase.

Tags: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) | SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) | Business Model | Web Service | Enterprise Level Scalability

Reincarnations of a Software symbolizes the evolution of the solution, the strengthening of its requirement and commitment to adapt to the changing times and technologies.
Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd provides comprehensive Software Conversion, Platform Migration and Software Re-Engineering services to international clients.
This document is a brief insight into how Nature Technologies excels in executing Software Conversion, Platform Migration and Software Re-Engineering that ultimately leverage the client’s business and work to perfection.

Tags: Reengineering | Platform Migration | Software Engineering | Estimation | Refactor | Porting | Internationalization

Engineering an Embedded device development project starts with the most important business decision you will make evaluating and selecting the right embedded operating system and the hardware to support that.
Key factors in your decision-making process should include the following things Licensing cost, Development costs, How quickly you can bring your device to market (time to market), Available support through generic platforms, Operating system reliability and interoperability.
Considering all these on every count, Windows Embedded provides a strong foundation for the rapid development of innovative, powerful, and intelligent devices.
Backed by the resources, reputation, and longevity of Microsoft, Windows Embedded technology is rapidly becoming the first choice for embedded device OEMs and developers around the world. Nature Solutions is a niche Windows Embedded Product Engineering company. This document aims at guiding investors, product conceptualization companies, MIS & EDP and pioneers get a quick insight into choosing the right hardware and software platform.

Tags: Embedded Platform | Windows CE | Windows Embedded | POS | Smartphone | Platform Builder | RTOS | Win32

Nature Technologies Pvt Ltd is world leader in Embedded Systems, Enterprise, Desktop Technologies, Business Applications, Internet Technologies, Mobile Applications and End-to-End Software Product Lifecycle Management. Based in India, Nature provides offshore-outsourced software development services to US and European customers. Driven by strong software engineering and quality assurance best practices, Nature Technologies delivers exceptional value to its customers.
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